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The Terminal Event Room

​In the early 1900s downtown Wheeling was a thriving city with a tram system.  In those days, folks would come to the Bridge Tavern building at 10th and Main Streets to pick up their tickets for the tram.  Flash forward to 2021 and the Terminal Room has now been renovated to a state of the art event room that seats 48 people.  The room is complete with televisions for your videos, speakers for your chosen music, table linens, a bar and much more.  Call us now at 304-232-1900 to book your birthday, anniversary, baby shower, reception, luncheon, dinner, party, etc. 
Event room center.jpg

For any questions about The Terminal Room, you can call us at 304-232-1900, or you can send us an email with any of your questions at:

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