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Starting June 1st, The Bridge Tavern and Grill starts renovations to restore the bar and grill.  While this is happening, we will be in a limited capacity dining and bar area in our event space, The Terminal Room, located in the same building as the original bar and grill.

Because of this, we will not be accepting any reservations until we are finished with renovations, and return to a full capacity.

We are still open, we still are able to serve food and drinks, but with less seating and standing room available.

We'd love for you to stop by before your event here in Downtown Wheeling!

Below are our normal reservation rules and guidelines that we have in place, if you have any questions for later on in the year when our renovations will be complete.

Thank you!

- The Bridge Tavern Management Team

We accept reservations for all events happening in the Downtown area, especially here at The Bridge for our own live music!

To ensure that everyone gets a fair opportunity to reserve a table prior to an event, we begin taking reservations on the first day of the month prior to your event.

For example, if an event is taking place in July, we will begin accepting reservations the first day of June.  If the first of the month falls on a day that we are not open, we will start accepting reservations the first day that we are open of that month.  This applies to shows that we have in house, or shows happening in Downtown Wheeling in general.

We do offer first come first served seating in the bar, as we do not take reservations for those particular tables/seats.

The largest party we can accommodate on show nights is 8.  Anything above that will be seated separately at different times and different tables to ensure a quick and positive dining experience for your group and others.

Shows at the Capitol Theater can be a crazy time for us, and they're typically very busy.  To help with wait times, and to make sure you are satisfied with your visit to The Bridge, we have a Special Event Menu that highlights some of our best meals, that we can get out to you as quickly as possible.  Options are family friendly, so there are choices for everyone.

Finally, to ensure a smooth and fun visit for our guests on a busy show night, and to take care of our awesome staff we have waiting tables, we automatically add a 20% gratuity to all checks on nights that there are shows at the Capitol Theater.  We want to make sure our staff gets taken care of, and for one less thing for you to worry about on your night out on the town.

For reservations on a non-show night, for the Terminal Room, or for a party of 15 or more, you can email us at beers@bridgetavernandgrill for further information.

Please call us at 304-232-1900 for reservations for an event night.

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